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Experience next level FM synthesis:


The Journey of LOVE Synthesizers: From Soft-Synths to Cyberphysical Prototypes

I developed my first soft-synth in 2001 and 2002, using the beep and sleep functions in C++ to play music out of PC speakers or through square waves directly out of the sound card of an IBM Thinkpad. This program was used as the base instrument for a collection of computer game music written by me and my friend and bandmate Kolbeinn Hugi.


In 2021 and 2022 I began developing an interface to shape sounds in an FM synth using direct manipulation of waves on a touch screen. First I developed a software version, before diving into electrical engineering, 3D printing, and microcontroller programming to create the first cyberphysical prototypes of the First LOVE Synth.


This prototype was used by several musicians and music hobbyists, garnering excellent reviews. This prompted me to seek funding to design, build and produce the next generation of products for LOVE synthesizers, which led to the founding of the company in 2023. The purpose of LOVE Synthesizers is to design and build hardware synths with an interesting user experience.


My work involves the design of electronic parts for production, the design of a physical product, and user interface and experience design. My goal is to have a producible and marketable product at the end of the funded time period, around mid-year 2025.

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